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Jan 30, 2013 9:00am EST
mark kelly a... on capitol hill.kelly is married to formmr &ppongresswoman gabby gifffrds. toggther they are pushing ffr ggnncontrol through an organizatton they recennlyy ptarted....callee "ameeicans &pkelly will beea wittess at the hearing... along with the payne lapierre. p -3 3 amid aal the superrowll -3& exciiement thhs week... ccmess accuses ray lewii of using a banned was this playoff game aggiint the colls... that ray lleis &preturned tt the ffeld affer & tearrng his tricep mmscll & eerliie in the season.but a report by sports illustratee &psays... it was a ubstance called deer antler spray thatt helped him ecover so uickly.. miicc ross... theeowner of sports ith alternntivessto &pllwis in his injuryyrehab.ross - says he provided tte products free of charge... innreturn... pe tood lewis to tell tte truth. 3 (mitch rosss (1:50) ray llwws is nnt wrong for using thhs protocol.alabama playyrs aae -3 not wronggfor geeting on the 3 smart because they re saving their bodies from damageeand injury.... 3prrscriied prograamwwicc ppoduues hu
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1